Above and Below Nakshatras

“The unification of one’s mind and heart” can be one layer of understanding the Nakshatras’ “above and below” concept from a worldly perspective.

Our subjective consciousness is what enables us do things according to our codes of experience which we have collected within time. The Moon rules our subjective reality.

Quote from my Guru Ernst Wilhelm:

“Parashara astrology is about our subjective consciousness. In most cases our subjective consciousness mirrors the concrete events of our lives. Our concrete reality doesn’t have any effect on our fulfillment. Whether I’m happy in a small or a big house is based on my subjective reality. The Moon rules this subjective reality and Vimshottari Dasa is shifting how things change in accordance with the Dasas, that’s why it’s Moon based. Our subjective reality is ultimately the most important thing and it becomes the most limiting thing to ourselves. Anyone who is suffering, suffers because their subjective reality dictates that they suffer. We all have good and bad feelings about ourselves. We all love and hate parts of ourselves, we think we’re good at this, we think we’re bad at that and we are the subject of the whole universe. Anything that comes into our lives is a reflection of that subconscious relationship we have of ourselves.”

At another level, we can find how the core of this perspective is reflected in the illusion of creation. In front of SAT-the Truth, there is the veil of illusion, Maya where one’s mind and intelligence can be defined. There is Chitta-the heart, the calm state of mind and there is the Manas-the mind, in which lives the Jeeva, the self with Ahamkara the ego, the idea of separate existence. Chitta is the heart, the center which has the capacity to perceive true love, knowledge and joy. When Chitta is spiritualized it is called Buddhi-the intelligence. This is an attractive force pulling towards the Truth. The Manas is the opposite of Buddhi and has a repulsive force which takes the consciousness and the idea of separate consciousness into the world which we believe as real which it is not.

Only when these two forces are in balance we have this capacity to be attracted towards the Truth through our spiritualized intelligence, our heart and at the same time be in touch with this world through our mind together with the guidance of the five elements serving the vehicle-our body. In short, unification of the heart and the mind is as above and below. When we look once again at the model, we can find the macro-above given in the Chitta and micro-below given in the vehicle-our body. Similar to the fractal structures these create the above and below within themselves:

The Creation

The Truth behind the veil of Maya-Above

What’s in front of the veil of Maya-Below




Vehicle-our body and self

The Heart-Above

The Mind-Below

Regarding the Nakshatra translations from Taittiriya Brahmana by Ernst Wilhelm according to the perspective above you may find my reading below.

Meyna Meyla

Note: Since the contemplation period is still progress, what is written below are subject to change and the rest of the Nakshatras will be added one by one soon.

  • Krittika: The white spots of Fire are bright from above and light from below.

The core of ideas that comes to the mind gives an initiating force which one takes action and therefore, this brightens and glows the heart to become fulfilled with respect to the intelligence that is engaged. One is fueled by their intelligence and that is their source of fulfillment. This way they can see the Truth and therefore reflect and show it in this dimension.

  • Rohini: The red growing of the Creator is water from above and the receptacles of light from below.

One has the potential of being a source of light by connecting through relationships, material things, the worldly things, etc. which in fact would fulfill their hearts. One is connected to the Creator by connecting to the things within the Creation. One is connected to the Creator by being nurtured with its cohesive force which helps them be connected and becomes a fulfilling source of light in this world.

  • Mrigashira: The diminutive pervadings of the Moon are diffusions from above and weaving from below.

The mind is a temple of scattered tiny details of information received by which linking the thread of stairs one will be productive and fulfilled. Every single file that has been stored from conception till today including the ancestral files are available on the desktop of the mindware. Information is the web that one uses as a tool to move forward and therefore grow.

  • Ardra: The two arms of the Howling are deer and grain from above and the caustic from below.

One feels insecure in this life due to their subjective reality with respect to their past experiences. The shadows can become their comfort zone to find serenity. To protect oneself the mind creates a scene where they gather the wounded around. Therefore, the pain in the heart is fulfilled and melts away. They have this tendency to be around a destructive and problematic environment, witnessing and sharing the suffering is the fuel essential for their growth.

To be continued…

You are here.

Thank you

Zumrut D.



  1. Hello Zumrut!

    I have been trying to understand what does above and below basis mean in nakshatra. I was quite stuck because of this. I will read this now. By the way, I have another question for you. I don’t know if it’s the appropriate place to ask this question but I will ask it here only for now. So.. The days Sunday, Monday etc, do they have a standing in vedic astrology? I got up today to give water to sun God and it occurred to me that it’s Saturday, and Saturn being inimical to sun, I thought I should only do Saturn mantras today. But often I feel these days should not have any meaning as per Vegas. Do they?

    Dr Suyash

    • Hello Suyash,

      Thank you for your comment. I hope that an approach from this layer helps unlock the blockages which were causing you to think you were stuck. I believe that there’s no such thing as being stuck, instead there’s need for aging and maturation. When the right time comes then we achieve whatever we are destined to have. It could be knowledge, information, understanding, a relationship, a job, etc. All these are meant to happen at the right place and time.

      About your question, I would like to share a link from StudyingKala Group where Ganesh Jayakumar explains the arrangement of the days and their order. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/StudyingKala/conversations/messages/31766
      I hope that you will like it as much as I did.

      It is recommended to start some specific ritual or worship to the Grahas on their days. You can continue with this everday once you have began on the relevant day. If you are in a relationship with your Maha Dasa lord, you can continue pleasing him everday for years. In my opinion these surely have their rules especially Muhurta-wise, but we can do our things every single day, there is no correct day to pay our respects.

      However, what has happened to you is another issue, (having this urge to water the Sun God on a Saturday.)

      Saturn as you implied, is the son of the Sun and thus “noble born” and powerful. Everyone is born from the same great souls, which they all are of royal lineage. The common man, which Saturn rules, is yet of “royal” blood. (From Graha Sutras, by E. Wilhelm)

      Yes, they are mutual enemies to each other, but if we read this it makes me think of the important quality of the Sun, which allows for the spirit of self-surrender and sacrifice. An intention to bring Sun quality into Saturday, it may be reminding you of “I as Saturn showing you what doesn’t belong to you and what you think you need which you don’t. While I’m pointing this at you, are you surrendering and sacrificing enough to cooperate with me?” Perhaps this was an omen to take into consideration and pay attention to. Who knows?
      Thank you once again.
      Zumrut D

      • Wow! What an amazing way of looking at things. After reading this message, I am already in the process of getting a healthy routine and focusing on priority issues. Somehow I am being guided to ask the right questions at the right time I believe. Much needed guidance. I have many important events lined up in the coming months for which I need to be prepared.
        Thanks Zumrut.

      • Oh, that’s wonderful what you have shared. Thank you.
        Preparation starts in the mind first as a thought. That’s why we have a saying when you think and plan about it in your mind, you have accomplished the half of that goal. The rest is hidden in the action to be taken and of course God’s will with respect to our Dharma. 🙏

  2. Hi Zumrut

    I have been following astrology since 5 years.i see Ernst Ryan videos and learning a lot .my q is
    How to interpret the dharma of an individual by looking at birth chart for what he is born.not carreer

    • Hello Joe,
      Thank you for your question. It could be a pretty long discussion to talk about knowing what a person’s born for. In my opinion, a person is doing what is born for right now. Sva Dharma is one’s own nature and one’s duty is to follow that. Dharma houses are 1, 5, 9th. 1st H and self factors could give information about what one’s born for. In Jaimini, one can check from the Svamsa’s 9th-the Dharma of the person, whether or not they are to follow it. My favorite, the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu are to be analyzed in depth. I would like to recommend the “Healing Rahu and Ketu” course Ernst Wilhelm gives. You can find here: https://astrology-videos.com/courses/intermediate-courses/healing-rahu-ketu
      You can also join the free forum that Mr. Wilhelm, his students and colleagues are actively participating in discussions under many topics abundantly.
      Here: https://astrology-videos.com/forum
      Thank you.

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