Astrological Readings


Types of Astrological Readings Offered

Right now, I am offering only 3 types of readings “Prasna, Numerological Prasna and Astrological Analysis for the Journey of the Soul“, in addition to astrological recommendations for Gemstones and Bach Flowers.

Why does anyone feel the urge to consult the astrologer?

Because somehow one could be stuck and/or has a crisis at that point in their lives. I have started studying astrology at the point of a transformational period which definitely was a crisis period in my life-especially financially and psychologically. I have highly benefited from what I have learned by being my personal astrologer. I have also learned that only by sharing we can increase the joy. So, this is my way of sharing and spreading the joy!

Astrology gives the information we need when we need it, so that we can use it favorably to co-create and live in our kingdom, while making the world a better place for ourselves, the loved ones and the world at large.

My goal is to share the knowledge to the best of my abilities for those who are in need and seek guidance to walk towards their path more healthily and comfortably.

Remember to check out which one of the services I offer and prepare with love, best suits you, as given below!

Astrological Analysis for the Journey of the Soul

Rahu and Ketu Analysis; The North Node of the Moon-Rahu and the South Node of the Moon-Ketu are about the evolutionary path of our consciousness. The Rasis in which Rahu and Ketu fall in, represent the path of realization that the consciousness follows in this lifetime.

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Prasna, an astrological approach for burning questions

“An ancient system of Persian Horary astrology as preserved in the India Subcontinent by the learned Neelakantha.”

You may have a million things going on in your life, except for this important question which needs to be answered right away!

Go ahead and ask it via the email right below. Let’s examine what the planets are saying with respect to your question that makes you feel as nothing else matters but that.

In Prasna, ideally I cast a chart for the time I read your e-mail for the first time. That is the time of connection with you and me as life has brought us together, you reaching out to the astrologer for answers. However, if you know the exact time of the question coming into your mind for the first time, that information would be taken into account as well.

For instance;

Special thanks to Alara & Robert Hansson

You just met someone and started wondering whether there will be any progress in this relationship or not. It would be nice that you give me the first time, date, city, country that the first event took place. If you don’t remember that but instead, remember the exact time, date, city, country that this question has entered your mind, then that would be nice too. Otherwise, I will cast the chart at the time when I receive and/or read your email.

Do you have Questions like;

This year; Will I find a job; Will I be promoted; Should I take the job offer so that I prosper; Will I find a partner; Will I get married with my significant other, We got separated will s/he return back; Will I be able to win the legal case that I am facing; Will my health improve beneficially, Will I move out and change my residence; Will I go on a journey, etc. any type of question that is so important to you that you need an answer to be comfortable with the rest of your life manifesting.

Please remember, Prasna will only give its answer within the one year period from the time it is cast. If the answer is within another year, then we may get an answer as “Yes, it could happen, but not within this time-frame”, meaning that event could happen, but not within this one year period. Yet, Prasna has served its role.

No birth information is required for Prasna readings!!! Only the question’s time, date, place (city/country) is required. Prasna reading is delivered in a pdf document via your email.

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Numerological Prasna, Ashtamangalam Number

If there is a question, then there is an answer. 

There is a question that you are burning to get the answer to. Then, it is time to ask.

How to apply procedure in a couple steps;

1) Concentrate to the question that is on top of your mind this time.

2) (a) Get 108 beads (or beans, stones, etc.). While being concentrated to your question, divide these beads into 3 groups. Place them in order, as the first selected group are in the first pile, the second selection in the second pile and the rest in the third pile. Now, count all the beads in each group.

Please note that, in the end the count of beads might not be equal to 108 because there could have been something or you could have dropped or scattered the beads. How many of them are left in each pile is important. If such an incident takes place during the procedure, remember to

(b) or you can grant permission to me so that I can do the bead selection procedure on behalf of you.

3) Add your birth details, Birth Date (day, month, year), Time of Birth and Birth Place. This information is an essential part of the technique* for the reading.

Summary of what needs to be done;

Email your question, the number of beads in each pile in the drawing order and your birth details as mentioned above.

* Ashtamangalam number technique is a part of the Tajika system of astrology.

What and how it will be delivered?

A PDF document will be delivered via email.

It is always exciting to read what the Heavens and the Earth are letting us know at the moment of the question.

“Sri Vishnu, who is the Lord, who has undefiled spirit, who is endowed with the three Gunas, although he transcends the grip of Gunas, who is the Author of this Universe, who is glorious, who is the Cause and who is endowed with valour, has no beginning. He authored the Universe and administers it with a quarter of his power. The other three quarters of Him, filled with nectar, are knowable only to the philosophers.

(Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra Chapter 1, Sutra 9-12)”

Astrological Remedies

Photo credits and thanks to model Alara Hansson (Instagram @alara_hansson)

Gemstone and Bach Flowers recommendations can be made according to your birth chart.

IMG_3067 2

Gems are the molten elements from the cooling phase of the Earth that grew into crystalline minerals. The minerals are pure Earth, formed out of Agni, the fire in the center of the Earth. Gems being the purest things found on Earth are a color therapy though of a very intense and powerful sort for the color is energized by the power of the Earth. Gems recommended may potentially help with their powerful structure regarding what is happening to you, what you want to do and also help balance to color your life according to those non-functioning areas at the time.

Name, Surname, Birth date dd/mm/yyyy (in words), birth time am/pm, birth place city & country is required. Recommendation report is delivered in a pdf document.

Recommended materials are to be purchased by the recommendee.

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Bach flowers

Bach Flowers remedies have the advantage that they require the least effort and cost the least. They are directly specific towards changing your attitude and awareness of the events which make you feel fulfilled or not, more so than the events themselves.

By booking a Bach Flowers recommendation via the link below, only 1 bottle of mixture recommendation is included within the price. After analyzing your chart I will be emailing you a set of questions designed specifically towards you. Only after the answers are complete from your side, then the list of Bach Flowers remedies to be put in your bottle will be sent to you.

Additionally, in my opinion this is an ongoing process. After you finish your first bottle I would like you to contact me via the contact page or the email provided to have a control communication. During the contact if observed necessary, I will be recommending another bottle of a mixture. I may be recommending up to 2 bottles of mixtures and no extra price will be asked for the process of the extra 2 bottles of mixtures to be recommended.

Name, Surname, Birth date dd/mm/yyyy (in words), birth time am/pm, birth place city & country is required. Recommendation report is delivered in a pdf document.

Recommended materials are to be purchased by the recommendee.

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About the Formation of Birth-Charts and the Analysis:

The Birth-Charts are formed and analyzed with Tropical Zodiac, with Dhruva Galactic Center, Middle of Mula Ayanamsa, Interpolated True Nodes, Kala Vedic Astrology Software by Ernst and Srishti Wilhelm and their recommended settings. There may be differences from what you have been used to receive about your chart’s formation. If you would like to know more about why a Vedic Astrologer is using Tropical Zodiac subject, I would like to recommend you to view the documents and discussions linked below:

Why Would a Vedic Astrologer use the Tropical Zodiac?

Tropical Vedic Astrology Research, Best Astrology Techniques, Shastiamsa, & Raj Yogas

Exploring the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac Debate

What is Required: In each type of reading I need a proper birth information “day/month (in words)/year, birth time with am/pm included, birth place city and country.” Birth time is a very important issue as I mentioned in the “Importance of Birth Time” page.