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This Picture is drawn by Mrs. Srishti Wilhelm and kindly taken from the book Vault of the Heavens by Ernst Wilhelm.

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I am happy and honored for your visit at my page where astrological readings are offered.

Right away I would like to quote from Socrates, “One wouldn’t coincide a coincidence in this universe.

I always believe that both the querist and the reader share the path where they are connected to each other for a reason. Please check amongst the readings offered below. We are in this together.

Zumrut D.

Types of Astrological Readings Offered:

I have created the types of readings according to my past experience and the needs coming from my clients. If you can’t find a reading type that matches your need, please contact me and I will create that reading option just for you.

What is my Career?:


We do things for who we are and also who we are indicates what we do. Those are two different things. In this century there are unlimited combinations of things that we can do. If this is one of your important issues that you would like to clarify along your path, we can analyze the possibilities that you have the talent, skills and fortune to create a fulfilled life.

Name, Surname, Birth date dd/mm/yyyy (in words), birth time am/pm, birth place city & country is required. Reading is delivered in a pdf document.

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Lajjitaadi Avasthas

If you have noticed that there is something wrong and you feel stuck in similar patterns of troubles in your life, then it is always constructive to look into your thoughts.

“How we feel about ourselves is how we perceive how other people feel about us. We blame things on the whole world instead of letting the whole world show us who we really are and how we really feel.”

There is a liberating measurement in Jyotish called the “Lajjitaadi Avashtas” which with that it is possible to see and interpret how each planet is affecting your thoughts and perspective therefore, how you are feeling as you are right now. Often to hear where we are stuck in our mindset and learn about our weaknesses, it helps us make a breakthrough in our understanding and therefore, helps us to live a healthier life.

Name, Surname, Birth date dd/mm/yyyy (in words), birth time am/pm, birth place city & country is required. Reading is delivered in a pdf document.

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Prashna (Persian Horary astrology)

You may have a million things going on in your life, except for this important question which you need to be answered. Go ahead and ask it via the email right below. Let’s examine what the planets are saying with respect to your question that makes you feel as nothing else matters but that.

In Prashna, I cast a chart for the time I read your e-mail for the first time. That is the time of connection with you and me as life has let us. However, if you know the exact time of the question coming into your mind for the first time, that information would be nice as well.

For instance, you have met someone and you are wondering whether there will be any progress in this relationship or not. It would be nice that you give me the first time, date, city, country that the event took place. If you don’t remember that but instead, remember the exact time, date, city, country that this question has entered your mind, then that would be nice too. Otherwise, I will cast the chart at the time when I receive and read your email.

Will I find a job, will I be promoted, should I take the job offer, will I get married with my significant other, will I be able to win the case, will my health improve beneficially, will I move, will I go on a journey, etc. any type of question that is so important to you that you need an answer to be comfortable with the rest of your life’s issues…

No birth information is required for Prashna readings. Only the question’s time, date, place (city/country) is required if possible. Reading is delivered in a pdf document via your email.

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Recommendation for Remedies

Gemstone and Bach Flowers recommendations can be made according to your birth

chart. The recommended material shall be found and purchased within your resources.

IMG_3067 2

Gems are the molten elements from the cooling phase of the Earth that grew into crystalline minerals. The minerals are pure Earth, formed out of Agni, the fire in the center of the Earth. Gems being the purest things found on Earth are a color therapy though of a very intense and powerful sort for the color is energized by the power of the Earth. Gems recommended may potentially help with their powerful structure regarding what is happening to you, what you want to do and also help balance the color of your life according to your need at that time.

Name, Surname, Birth date dd/mm/yyyy (in words), birth time am/pm, birth place city & country is required. Recommendation is delivered in a pdf document.

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Bach Flowers remedies have the advantage that they require the least effort and cost the least. They are directly specific towards changing your attitude and awareness of the events which make you feel fulfilled or not, more so than the events themselves.

By booking a Bach Flowers recommendation via the link below, only 1 bottle of mixture recommendation is included within the price. After analyzing your chart I will be emailing you a set of questions designed specifically towards you. Only after the answers are complete from your side, then the list of Bach Flowers remedies to be put in your bottle will be sent to you.

Additionally, in my opinion this is an ongoing process. After you finish your first bottle I would like you to contact me via the contact page or the email provided to have a control communication. During the contact if observed necessary, I will be recommending another bottle of a mixture. I may be recommending up to 2 bottles of mixtures and no extra price will be asked for the process of the extra 2 bottles of mixtures to be recommended.

Name, Surname, Birth date dd/mm/yyyy (in words), birth time am/pm, birth place city & country is required. Recommendation is delivered in a pdf document.

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Charity Reading “Hanging on the Shelf”:

In my country there’s a tradition. We have bagel stands almost at each traffic light. When we buy one bagel for ourselves and if it comes from within, we can give a double price to the bagel-man so that he hangs one bagel on the shelf for someone who can’t afford to buy it.

I will be offering charity readings to those in need, who really think they can’t afford to have a reading.

The math is like this: Each time I receive 10 paid readings, I will hang a special link on the right column of my website, so that 1 person in need can benefit from that link and get their reading. If you want to contribute, you may donate 10% of a reading so that the link is up on the page more frequently. This is just a recommendation, nothing that you are obligated or anything. It is my natural duty to pay my respects to God and Dharma. If we take good care of the universe, the universe will take good care of us.

To join the cause, you may donate for the 10% of a reading by buying a “Reading Hanging on the Shelf” product.

I will be delivering you a thank you certificate in pdf.

If you would like to donate by buying a “Reading on the Shelf” product for the charity readings to be offered for those who can’t afford, please email:


About the structure of the Charts:
The Charts are studied with Tropical Zodiac, with Dhruva Galactic Center, Middle of Mula Ayanamsa, Interpolated True Node, Kala Software by Ernst and Srishti Wilhelm and their recommended settings. There may be differences from what you have been used to receive about your chart’s formation. If you would like to know more about this subject, I would like to recommend you to view the documents and discussions as linked below:
Why Would a Vedic Astrologer use the Tropical Zodiac?
Tropical Vedic Astrology Research, Best Astrology Techniques, Shastiamsa, & Raj Yogas
Exploring the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac Debate
What is Required: In each type of reading I need a proper birth information “day/month (in words)/year, birth time with am/pm included, birth place city and country.” Birth time is a very important issue as I mentioned in the “Importance of Birt Time” page. If you don’t have the exact time of your birth, then we would be looking at the chart of all the other people who were born on the same day as you. If you would like your chart to be rectified I can recommend a highly experienced colleague whom you can consult for his services.

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Zumrut D.