Importance of Birth Time in Astrological Readings

Importance of Birth Time

Take a moment and visualize the second you took your first breath and cried out loud as announcing you are born into this world and that you will be the rising Sun of your life… That very moment the point rising on the Eastern horizon is known as the Lagna, meaning attached to, fixed on. That is the gateway an astrologer enters the layers of your bodies, namely mental, emotional, energetic and physical. The time you were born is so important that it is the foundation point for determining, amongst all the potentials indicated by the planets in the zodiac, what shall manifest in your life ahead.

This Picture is drawn by Mrs. Srishti Wilhelm and kindly taken from the book Vault of the Heavens by Ernst Wilhelm.

My Guru Ernst Wilhelm mentions about the astrological chart giving the 75% of the potentials about the native’s life and yet, if one is experienced enough to apply all the techniques delicately, how much of that 75% can be achieved will be differing. It looks like the rest should be the God’s will that we have no control over. In my opinion and according to my belief, an astrologer with good experience and education combined together with some adequate number of techniques in her toolbox, she will be successful enough to satisfy her clients. As long as the astrologer acts within the frame of knowledge, the reading is safe, trustable and worthy of paying attention to.



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