First post

What are the omens? How do we locate and read them?
Omens are everywhere surrounding us in any given moment. They don’t necessarily have meanings that we can read and understand about our path. However, they are there and if we look further into them, we can interpret how we are doing in life on so many levels. As it is similar in the significant named Yogas, I would like to mention about the significant omens here more often. … More First post


The Pot Gave Birth

Nasreddin Hodja stories makes you think while you laugh.
Here is an anecdote from Nasreddin about the importance of being truthful.
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Surrendering Stone

In one part of the world a deeply rooted culture relates one planet with devotion and surrendering to God whereas in one part of the world dervishes wear a stone ruled by that exact planet to surrender God to emphasize devotion. … More Surrendering Stone

The Moon is the Bridge

Mentioning frequently about of being how fortunate, today I received another confirmation regarding one significant thing that indicates my purpose in life, the Moon. The Moon represents the receptive mind-the Manas. In the Manas, the Jeeva (the self) lives with Ahamkara (the ego)-the idea of separate existence. Where is being fortunate in that? The Moon … More The Moon is the Bridge