Numerological Prasna Reading

If there is a question, then there is an answer. 

There is a question that you are burning to get the answer to. Then, it is time to ask.

How to apply procedure in a couple steps;

1) Concentrate to the question that is on top of your mind this time.

2) (a) Get 108 beads (or beans, stones, etc.). While being concentrated to your question, divide these beads into 3 groups. Place them in order, as the first selected group are in the first pile, the second selection in the second pile and the rest in the third pile. Now, count all the beads in each group.

Please note that, in the end the count of beads might not be equal to 108 because there could have been something or you could have dropped or scattered the beads. How many of them are left in each pile is important. If such an incident takes place during the procedure, remember to

(b) or you can grant permission to me so that I can do the bead selection procedure on behalf of you.

3) Add your birth details, Birth Date (day, month, year), Time of Birth and Birth Place. This information is an essential part of the technique* for the reading.

Summary of what needs to be done;

Email your question, the number of beads in each pile in the drawing order and your birth details as mentioned above.

* Ashtamangalam number technique is a part of the Tajika system of astrology.

What and how it will be delivered?

A PDF document will be delivered via email.

It is always exciting to read what the Heavens and the Earth are letting us know at the moment of the question.

Thank you


“Sri Vishnu, who is the Lord, who has undefiled spirit, who is endowed with the three Gunas, although he transcends the grip of Gunas, who is the Author of this Universe, who is glorious, who is the Cause and who is endowed with valour, has no beginning. He authored the Universe and administers it with a quarter of his power. The other three quarters of Him, filled with nectar, are knowable only to the philosophers.

(Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra Chapter 1, Sutra 9-12)”


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