Astrological Analysis for the Journey of the Soul

The Role of RAHU and KETU

Ketu is the indicator of liberation, or freedom. Freedom is a broad term that incorporates many aspects of the Self from the most basic need to remain free from death to the need for spiritual liberation. These are the two opposing freedoms of Ketu. Maintaining freedom from death is a desire of the ego, spiritual liberation is impossible without the death of the ego, thus there is a huge struggle taking place in Ketu. On one hand there is the desire of the ego to be safe and secure from the threat of death, and on the other hand there is the need for the destruction of the Ego.

The need to remain free from death is the most immediate need of Ketu, without achieving that end, the goal of spiritual liberation cannot be reached. The result of the need to remain free from death is the creation of a security paradigm, an idea that upon being followed will allow for the survival of the individual. As survival is of paramount importance, the individual will not wish to do anything that falls out of the realm of their security paradigm. The result is that the idea of what is necessary for survival suppresses the flow of life in the individual.

The individual feels with all their being that if they can stay in this Ketu Castle, they will be safe, life will work no matter what happens, it will be manageable. However, the Ketu Castle is going to crumble. When the Ketu Castle comes crumbling down, the individual will have no choice but to run into the dark surrounding woods of which there are only strange and terrible rumors and fearful fairy tales. These unknown and frightful woods are Rahu.From the point of view of Ketu’s security paradigm, the paradigm is the ONLY way to live life. Nothing else feels like a possible way in which to live life. It feels easier to die than to live life in a different way outside of that provided by the security paradigm. As a result, the individual will not try to life live in a different way until there is so much pain, that death begins to feel more attractive than life. The different way to live life is as per Rahu’s position. By exploring that which makes the individual feel most vulnerable, a healthier perspective can be gained and more happiness can come. When the Ketu Castle crumbles, running into the Rahu woods, is the point from which the individual can see what is wrong with their Ketu Castle, to see just how limited their security paradigm has been to grant them any real happiness.

*Healing Rahu and Ketu, by Ernst Wilhelm

Are you ready to see for the first time with your eyes, hear with your ears, first time to taste what life tastes like, smell, touch and feel, instead of turning in the same loop of things that don’t go right, be free from your limitations, witness the death of your identity that you think defines you, are you ready to wake up in your dream?

In the Journey of the Soul Astrological Analysis, the security paradigm that is dictating the imprisonment repeating like a wheel and despite sounding fearful what needs to be done with a change of perspective, some relieving information are extracted from your birth chart and delivered within a Pdf document via email.

You could apply by sending your birth details, Birth Date (day, month, year), Time of Birth, Place of Birth to reading@signlanguageoflife for the Astrological Analysis “Journey of the Soul.”

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