Zumrut is a volunteer in understanding the journey of life. As given stepwise through the zodiac on her path, she is exploring the houses of Dharma -the righteous path, of Artha -achieving wealth, of Kaama -fulfilling desires and of Moksha -unification with the Supreme Soul, the Creator, God. Just like any existing being. She is grateful for being alive, being on Earth with this incarnation and the path written karmically.

About Zumrut

Zumrut D.

I am born into a family where mixed cultures are combined from Turkish, Polish, Russian to the Tatars. Holding a BA in Management I worked in the media industry as an advertising marketing and sales executive for almost about 20 years.

After losing my father due to an operational accident, everything began changing. The loss of my guiding light has led me towards an inward path. Before uniting with my love Jyotish, the art and science of Vedic Astrology, I have added a various of trainings and certificates along my journey. Some of these are Spiritual Human Yoga (Mankind Enlightenment Love), Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Energy Vitality Technique with the Solfeggio Frequencies, Reading the Alphabet of Life with the Sufism approach, 5 Elements Theory by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Face Reading, Reading the Omens in Life, Gem Recommendation and Chakra Balancing with the frequencies, pendulum anf guided meditation.

Meeting with the Right Souls

Astrology is a necessary tool of techniques to receive answers along our quest, but it is the utmost way of communicating with the Creator, God, the Truth. I am fortunate that this innate feeling urging me to seek towards the Truth has always helped me to be around the guidance of the right souls.

I am studying Jyotish from the teachings of Ernst Wilhelm whom I trust his wisdom, hard work and intelligence which he has dedicated his life to understanding, decoding and testing the ancient knowledge so that he can pass on to his students, therefore, share with the world. He has carved his imprint in this era and affected the lives of millions in a beneficial way. I pray to his Shakti and dear wife, Srishti Wilhelm every day as much as I pray for him. I am highly grateful to them.

About Readings and Services

Thanks to the technology and globalization, I can reach my clients globally with respect to the astrological chart readings. I have an “Astrological Readings” page at my website signlanguageoflife.com where I give detailed information about this service.

While my journey of being a student will continue until my last breath, I am seeing clients for astrological readings and for the Energy Vitality sessions where the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies are applied in the city that I live in Istanbul, Turkey.

Together with my website signlanguageoflife.com I also have a website in Turkish hayatinisaretdili.com where I write about the omens in life, frequencies, sound healing and astrology. I write articles and make interviews at a popular periodical magazine called Pozitif (Positive) published in Turkey.

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Zumrut D.