Freewill, Determinism, Fatalism and Surrender

I quote what my teacher, Ernst Wilhelm speaks about freewill.

“When people say “freewill” they ask it in the context of “I am going to make this happen”. That type of freewill doesn’t exist. If you use “I”, it doesn’t exist. “I” is the concept, it is the idea of separate existence. An idea has no power, muscles, it has no will. The only thing that has power is “energy”.

The energy embodies in each person and creates an “I” consciousness. That is the ego. Ego is not real. There is no freewill from the idea of “I can do this even though my planets say otherwise”. All there is, is God’s will. And God’s will flow through people, but it is never attached to the “I”. If a person thinks they are doing it, they are going to make this happen, that is not God’s will. That is just their horoscope working through them. 75%* of what happens to us in life is indicated in our horoscope. We have patterns within us that we usually follow for the other 25%. The most dominant pattern is Ketu. Right away Ketu becomes more responsible how our life is. He is the pattern we can’t break away from without a lot of effort. That 25% can be God’s will but we make it just an extension of our horoscopes as long as we are in ego consciousness. The minute a person says “I am going to make this happen, I have to have it this way and no planets are going to get in my way”, all they are doing is following their paradigm of their Ketu. It is not freewill at all, it is Ketu’s will.

What we have freewill about is our relationship to our experiences. We have freewill over the relationship to the things around us in life, to the other people in our lives. Do we want to respond out of our patterns or do we want to respond wisely? That we can choose. We have the choice of that is so much what is in our life, how we experience our life. We have a lot of freewill as much as we want to take. It is just usually, we don’t want to take it, but just fulfill our patterns.

Freewill exists. It has nothing to do with the ego, the needs, the desires of the individual. Freewill is God’s will flowing through a person that is not indicated in their chart.”

“We have 100% freewill about how we relate to the things in our life. Most people don’t use that. If they are not using that, then God’s will certainly not going to be flowing through a person. The only freewill we have to bother with is, the freewill of how we relate to what is around us. Are we going to do it more healthily or sickly? If we do it more healthily then God’s will start flowing through us. And then anything is possible.

God doesn’t care about the needs of the ego. God is the energy that is enlivening everything. He enlivened us through us, but we get our patterns in the way.

An enlightened person doesn’t care about freewill, because God’s will is all that matters. God’s will is what is manifesting right now. It is every person’s job to experience what is manifesting right now as a beautiful part of their life. To enjoy, to live in the moment, learning to live in the moment, is by putting Rahu and Ketu back together. That is what freewill can actually do. That will happen in our consciousness. It has nothing to do with anything outside. Once that happens, God can start to flow through us, more energy flows through the person instead of the limited energy of their horoscope.”

*It is said that 75% of what happens in a person’s life is indicated by their horoscope. And that is within the 25% of manifested Vishnu as mentioned above. My point here to mention both of these is, to remind you how very little parts of you an astrologer is able to analyze, understand and try to predict. You always have the capability to “know” the unmanifested three quarters of Vishnu and remember how valuable, unlimited and unique you are in this worldly experience. Will my life continue like this since the horoscope indicates that way? No, you have all the will power to go above your birth chart and enjoy God’s will flowing through you.

“Determinism is an idea that all events are predetermined by prior causes. Free will is an idea that we are able to have choices in how we act and free to choose our behavior, claiming that we are predetermined. Determinism causes would be 100 % preordained. 75% is said to be astrologically indicated. What is the rest? We like to think the rest is what we want it to be and that our will power will determine that. Instead, the rest is God’s will. So, when that is the case, the only option looks like is, surrender. The tricky thing is learning to sense God’s will, to separate it from the tricks of the Ego, so that we fight for what is God’s will and don’t fight for validating something that does not even exist, the Ego.”

Then everything is fate, we should be fatalistic?

According to fatalism, the idea is that we are powerless to do anything other than what we actually do. The difference between fatalism and the spiritual act of surrender is that, fatalism believes that we are stuck with our miserable experiences, while spiritual surrender allows one to find happiness beyond our experiences. God will set us up for experiences that the ego frustratingly fights in order to show us how we are relating to our ego and not our True Self, and he will set us up with experiences that peacefully allow God’s will to flow through us. We can’t choose, he knows what strings to pull to get us to jump the way he needs us to grow. All we can do is understand the game and learn to play it better.

You are the commander of your game with respect to God’s will. Now, it is time to consciously enjoy your time.

Largely compiled from my teacher Ernst Wilhelm’s teachings and talks.

To watch his interview online with Carmina Amza at Your Stars Aligned

You are here.

Thank you

Zumrut D


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