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Dr. Ganesh Jayakumar

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Dr. Ganesh Jayakumar

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My ancestor’s hail from Ayodhya, present state of Uttar Pradesh that is believed to be Rama Janma Bhoomi (the birth place of Sri Rama who is an incarnation of Vishnu). Their ancestral lineage belongs to the Varathantu Maharishi Gotra. Maharishi Varathantu is believed to be the Kulapati (head of a lineage) of a Gurukula in Pratishtapur and Raghu who was the forefather of Sri Rama is said to have reigned as the King during that time period.

I am based in Leuven, Belgium. I am a scientific researcher by profession with a Ph.D. degree in Micro and Nanoelectronics. I practice Jyothish as a secondary profession. I have over 9 years of experience in reading birth charts. I have been studying astrology for over 12 years and student of Ernst Wilhelm for 6 years (as of March 2019).

My primary goal is counseling you about your astrological placements and direct you towards self-realization. Please make sure to visit my website to get a list of various services that you can avail. With respect to readings, I don’t believe in quantity but would like to give importance to quality of work. My current focus is predominantly on researching new techniques of prediction and testing already documented techniques to qualify and quantify this great esoteric knowledge. Since all this takes place adjacent to my professional research career, there is very little time to do many readings. However, during a relaxed weekend I am able to handle 1-2 charts at best. Due to my busy professional work schedules, I am only available for online consultation. You will receive your reading as an mp3 file or document and all correspondence will be via email.


Mr. Artem Protsenko

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Artem Procenko
Artem Protsenko

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From an early age, I had a great craving for knowledge and for occult sciences, therefore I started to study Vedic scriptures and Vedic philosophy back in 2012. After establishing strong philosophical and psychological foundation I began studying Vedic astrology and Cards of Truth system from Ernst Wilhelm in 2017.

Currently, I specialize in providing a great variety of astrological and card readings in Czech, Russian and English languages from $9.99 to $199.99 all over the world which include compatibility, predictions, medical astrology, character/personality analysis  gem / bach  flower recommendations and much more.


Ms. Mirela Ngo

Mirela Ngo

Ms. Mirela Ngo is the graceful landlady of website. She is a talented astrologer and card reader, and hosts the contact information of many other gifted astrologers, card readers as herself and birth-time rectification experts, sorted out categorically at her website. Remember to check her website for yourself!

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I started my astrological studies with Ernst Wilhelm in 2017 and I felt inspired to create a website that astrologers and clients can enjoy, regardless of the type of astrology they follow. Life will unfold as it will and Universe will communicate with us in so many different forms, yet it is up to us to embrace the form we find most relevant and that resonates with us best in that moment.

I have over 15 years of experience in the healthcare field and I aspire to a future where modern medicine and technology fuses with its roots, the vast and ancient science of astrology, to create a bridge to deeper understanding and approach to life, spirituality, soul purpose, mind and body health and healing.

I wish you an auspicious journey and I hope you enjoy!