Surrendering Stone

Surrendering Stone

This 12-cornered stone placed at the heart chakra level which the Bektashi dervishes wear at all times. Dervishes who wear these stones indicate that they have devoted themselves to God. The 12 corners represent the 12 imams-Islamic priests and the 4 knots represent the 4 gates.

The Story Told About Wearing the Stone

God asks from prophet Moses to find the lowest being amongst his creatures and bring that to him. He first begins his search from those who don’t believe in God. He wanders around those non-believers and selects amongst those who are the most miserable. Then he notices that they are created perfectly as a human and he understands that he cannot find a human being lower other than himself.

Then he continues his search amongst the animals. Anytime he finds a wretched, worn out, loathly animal he wants to tie a leash around their neck and take them to God. Each time he notices the beauty in one of their limbs and therefore, leaves. While walking back without any hope left, he encounters a dog having scabies and bruises all around him. He thinks that he has found his target. He ties a leash around the dog’s neck and as soon as he looks back at it, this time he notices it’s pearly teeth. The dog with the language of aspect asks him “Oh, Moses how do you know that I am the lowest creature?” Then prophet Moses feels ashamed and says “What am I doing? Being incapable of even creating this dog’s one piece of feather, even one of his pearly teeth, how can I present him to God as the lowest creature on Earth? Oh, God I am mistaken” and then he hangs a stone around his neck to exhibit his incapability, powerlessness.

As a consequence, the stone hung by the neck represents our incapability, powerlessness, being unable in front of God’s greatness and we can only find him through the act of surrendering. The person who wears the stone is said to be on their journey of becoming the perfect human being towards God’s consciousness.

2 Different Cultures, One Knowledge

Being a manifestation of God and parts of his creation, we arrive at the Truth wherever we live on Earth or to which culture we are born into.

Gems are differentiated by their crystal structures. The gem which the “Surrendering Stone” is made from is onyx. Onyx has a Hexagonal/Trigonal crystal structure. This type of structure corresponds to Venus. Venus is the planet of loyalty and devotion. Venus is a Brahmin planet. The Brahmins’ goal is Moksha (spiritual liberation) as the devoted study of any subject results in the realization that perfect knowledge comes only from God.

Venus is also associated with Lakshmi who is the consort of Vishnu. She is the goddess of prosperity and the power through which Vishnu is able to manifest.

As Ernst Wilhelm mentions in his Graha Sutras book “Through Venus, whose presiding deity is Lakshmi, who though able to bestow all worldly gifts she herself only clings with devotion to the chest of Lord Vishnu, one can cultivate love towards God until having no need or desire to make decisions, the same way that one completely in love has no need to make decisions other than that of following the beloved.”

In one part of the world a deeply rooted culture is relating one planet with devotion and surrender God whereas in another part of the world the dervishes are wearing a stone ruled by that exact planet to surrender God to emphasize their devotion. The cultures may be influenced from each other in time, yet the Divine knowledge coming from One source is fascinating to witness.

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