The Moon is the Bridge

Mentioning frequently about of being how fortunate, today I received another confirmation regarding one significant thing that indicates my purpose in life, the Moon.

The Moon represents the receptive mind-the Manas. In the Manas, the Jeeva (the self) lives with Ahamkara (the ego)-the idea of separate existence. Where is being fortunate in that? The Moon is about how we experience this world we identify as reality. It is our perception of how the world affects us in our existence separate from the consciousness of the Spirit. In simple terms, it is our mental attitude. The Moon being the husband of the 27 Nakshatras-the Lunar Mansions in the heavens, indicate the powers that grow with respect to the creation. These stars have always been the most mysterious part of Jyotish. There has been commentaries and myths about their meaning and effects, but it wasn’t somehow complete.

As I was writing my second blogpost, one mail grabbed my attention. It was from my Jyotish Guru Ernst Wilhelm, via the StudyingKala Yahoo Group announcing his free e-book about the translations he just finished regarding the Nakshatra Sutras from Taittiriya Brahmana.

Synchronically, some years ago exactly around this month I had received an email from one colleague about the Nakshatras. It was a commentary about the Shaktis (power) of the Nakshatras together with their basis above and below. She wanted me to translate those and I did. Even after being delicately involved with them, still there was no healthy connection.

Less is more!

It is hard to find the root information when it comes to understanding the Nakshatras. My deepest interest in the Moon has been pinning and needling that there should be more. Finally, Mr. Wilhelm has distributed his pure translation of the Nakshatra Sutras from the ancient text Taittiriya Brahmana, an extension of Krishna Yajur Veda. He says that when reading a Sutra at first one shouldn’t understand the meaning, otherwise it would be a commentary of the Sutra. His approach is what I have been looking for, for so long. The Sutras need contemplating and in time the meaning shall unfold in one’s mind. The root translation looks like a less information where it is only a gateway to the more.

I would like to recommend you go to one of his websites or and download his free ebook of the translation of the Nakshatra Sutras from Taittriya Brahmana at the top of the main pages. Before reading that you may as well watch his YouTube video where he sincerely explains more about his approach in the translations.

Nakshatra Sutras translation by Ernst Wilhelm

All these years of waiting with patience to have access to the Moon’s 27 wives, has now given its fruits. I started reading the Sutras and after the contemplation they shall require for the meanings to have meanings in my mind, I will be sharing them here.

The Moon being at Vishakha Nakshatra at this moment is a very powerful omen for a more productive and meaningful life, therefore, the subject of the second blogpost has certainly become about the Moon and the Nakshatras. I am grateful for receiving a gift from the heavens as the Moon being the bridge in between.

I am quoting from the book below which has become the keyword to unlock the door between my mind and the Truth.

“The Moon is bridging the heavens above with the Earth below.”

Ernst Wilhelm

You are here.

Thank you

Zumrut D.



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