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I will be writing about the “Sign Language of Life” where I follow the omens and read life as it naturally flows.

My Guru in Jyotish, Ernst Wilhelm, says that Yoga is a planetary permutation that yokes you, connects you to the fruits of your karma.

In any given moment there is a Yoga happening astronomically, therefore, astrologically as well. In the ancient knowledge we are studying, there are thousands of Yogas. Any moment, any planet is connecting us to our destiny manifesting. Not all of them are significant Yogas that would affect our lives significantly. They are there for sure, but not that we would notice their touch arrestingly.

Why did I mention about the Yogas?

Because the omens are similar to the Yogas. Interesting, right? Yes, the omens are everywhere surrounding us in any given moment. They don’t necessarily have meanings that we can read and understand about our path. However, they are there and if we look further into them, we can interpret how we are doing in life on so many levels. As it is similar in the significant named Yogas, I would like to mention about the significant omens here more often.

How do we differentiate a signicant omen from a regular one?

Pretty simple. Significant omens can be divided into sub-categories within them. Let’s say that while you are on your way towards a meeting and all of a sudden a regular bird in your area manages to grab your attention with its actions. It could land right in front of you, it could hit your head, it could discharge on top of you, it could make sounds that you would want to look at it, etc. Here the bird is regular, but its actions are not. This is one omen to read about. In another category, the bird would not be regular. Say it could be a covey of migratory birds flying above you and with an instinct you had this urge to look above and spotted their flight. That is another omen.

Let me give some other examples. Let’s say you are in a cafe with your friend. Then a couple arrives and their newly born baby is crying heavily and it is almost impossible for you to speak to or hear each other. That is one omen to read. Let’s say you are trying to go to an appointment and somehow since from the very morning everything’s acting as if not on your side. The hot water is broken, the coffee machine didn’t start at its pre-determined time, you have spotted a stain on your lucky shirt that you didn’t notice earlier, you missed the usual transportation or something delaying happened with the car, etc. Here, there is a significant chain of events trying to speak to you.

We can read the omens that we see in our dreams. They are no different. We can read the omens in the dream which we call life as well as the dreams that we see in this dream of life which we call reality.


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  1. I think it was in may that I first started seeing a raven regularly. I started realizing that omens do exist. And then I had seen a lady bird in the lift. No one else was there in the lift,.. I really want to understand omen readings. I have even heard of terms such as spirit bird and totems etc. Zumrut kindly educate us.

    • Thank you Suyash. The spirit animals are mentioned in the Shamanic and Native American cultures. If you would like to connect with your spirit animal and receive guidance, with proper rituals, meditation and ceremonies it is possible to do that.
      Raven as an omen is a very magical one, especially if you started noticing one constantly. To interpret the meaning I would need more information, but from a general perspective it may be giving you one of these messages depending on your situation and state either mentally or spirituallly at that moment: “There’s no need to fear, you are being watched and protected. Have faith. Light is about to shine into the darkness you have.” or “Accept your responsibilities and have full courage. You are the man of your family. Feed and protect those who are under your guidance-including us the ravens.” or “Those you think that you don’t enjoy their existence in your life, are those who are reflecting your subconsciousness. They are there to show you about who you are. It is expected you to accept them as they are and have this understanding: whether they are right or you are right, it is the same, it is Vishnu/God who is right, what’s the difference? Having this understanding will help you be on your path healthily and you will be at the right place at the right time.”

      Lady bird… I understand that it is the little bug with black dotted red wings. If that is the one, then it is a very “lucky” omen. At that moment of observation, if you were going up in the elevator, it was telling you that there will be such an external incident which will unfold to your benefit. If you were going downwards in the elevator, then it was an omen telling you that you will experience a breakthrough inwardly, you would have a deep understanding bringing comfort with respect to what you have been contemplating during the time you had seen the bug.
      Thank you once again, I hope that you would find the answer helpful and satisfactory.

  2. Zumrut honestly this is a fabulous way of explaining things. I have hardly met anyone do this sort of intricate explanation. Respect and Thanks!!

  3. Hello Zumrut! I see snakes many times in my dreams. Once I hurt them in my dream. I was scared while hurting it too and then I wanted to relieve it of its suffering but I just was too afraid of approaching it. I have always been too afraid of snakes. And I love seeing videos of the most poisonous snakes, and cobras etc. Once I went to the zoo, and I was a bit afraid of visiting that section yet curious. I went but they were all inside somewhere. In the past one month, I have seen it twice or thrice. I am fond of martial arts also, but especially of the snake style of fighting, and not others such as monkey or cat style etc. I felt like learning it also. Should I do something about this? I can never think of keeping one as a pet.

    • Hello, snakes are found in Cadeceus the symbolism of medicine. Dr. Suyash. Please read what you have written once again by changing the word snakes as the practice of medicine, especially the first part of your message. The snakes in a dream or in the dream of life are communicating you about your deepest fears. You are a healer by nature and now it is time for you to heal those in need. Snakes are also about changing their skin. Our skin is ruled by Mercury and a healthy Mercury will be wise to differentiate what’s beneficial for him or not and therefore, lets in the essential things. Snakes are whispering you that you have arrived at a transformation period. Nothing to be afraid of. Take off the hoodie cloak covering who you are and rise into the sunlight as who you are. It’s about accepting what’s new to you about who you are becoming. That is a wonderful dream that one can see! Thank you for sharing. As always, the dream is first for the one who sees it, second for the one who is seen in it, and lastly for the one who is told. So, thank you for announcing the good news for us all! 🙏

      • You have confirmed the divine’ s message for me. I never expected this could be the message. But now I feel it ought to be this. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are my Oracle Zumrut.

      • Dr. Suyash,
        You are your own oracle since you are already connected to the Truth yourself successfully. Maybe I am here to remind you for that.
        Thank you for being in my life. 🙏

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