Free Prayer and Energy Transfer

For those who would like to ask for free prayer and energy transfer and apply from the form below, I am offering what I have learned from an ancient Eastern Teaching I have received about 20 years ago.

Procedure: I include your request to my list of prayer and energy transfer for 14 days and then kindly take it off.

Energy transfer is not a scientific medicine or practice. This is only a work done in the quantum field on the energetic body.

Important 1: If you don’t feel good and you are in need of help, please contact your doctor or a relevant institution.

Important 2: The messages should be short and brief. If you would like to hide your name, that is absolutely natural. Please fill in the name section of the form with an alias that you feel aligned with.

Information required from you:

Name: Name or Alias (nickname)

Message Content: Birth date information (Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year just let me know which one is day and month) and Intention=> Very brief (i.e. Love / Health / Money / Job / etc.)

You are here.

Thank you



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