Pricing for All-in-One Birth Chart Analysis

All of this information mentioned in the previous page will be delivered to you in a pdf document around 15-20 pages long, plus your Birth Chart from the Kala Vedic Astrology Software and your Calendar for Highlighted Periods.

I work minimum 1 week on the analysis of each person’s chart and sometimes it may take a little longer. Preparing these analyses, I am making a decent living to take care of my responsibilities.

Having starved along my path of growth, I understand those who cannot afford to pay for expensive reports, I decided to pay my dues by giving the lowest price possible with the most information provided, so that the individual may benefit highly.

Pricing for All-in-One Birth Chart Analysis

If you request an audio voice recording of the pdf document please ask for the additional price in your email.

Name, Surname, Birth date dd/mm/yyyy (in words), birth time am/pm, birth place city & country is required.

Pricing for All-in-One Birth Chart Analysis: USD 108.00

To book a reading for “All-in-One Birth Chart Analysis”, email:


About the structure of the Charts:

The Charts are studied with Tropical Zodiac, with Dhruva Galactic Center, Middle of Mula Ayanamsa, Interpolated True Node, Kala Vedic Astrology Software by Ernst and Srishti Wilhelm and their recommended settings. There may be differences from what you have been used to receive about your chart’s formation. If you would like to know more about this subject, I would like to recommend you to view the documents and discussions as linked below:

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Tropical Vedic Astrology Research, Best Astrology Techniques, Shastiamsa, & Raj Yogas
Exploring the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac Debate

What is Required: In each type of reading I need a proper birth information “day/month (in words)/year, birth time with am/pm included, birth place city and country.” Birth time is a very important issue as I mentioned in the “Importance of Birth Time” page.


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