Face Reading Services

Our Faces; The Storybook We Carry Along

Either positive or negative, each emotion we experience leaves a significant mark in our faces. The Art of Chinese Face Reading is a system that helps recognize the human thoughts, emotions, behaviors and characteristics.

Faces happen to be the storybook of our lives. They reveal out the waterfall of emotions, the strengths and weaknesses, all of those experiences either difficult or fulfilling that took place in our lives.

Credit and thanks to model Alara Kaya (Instagram @kaya_alara)

What is required in Face Reading?

Photos, basically. A face photo until the shoulders and two profile photos, one for the left and one for the right side, including a good capture of the ears.

If, there had been any plastic surgery, botox, fillings, removal of mole marks, dental surgeries, etc. any of those alterations to the face should be noted, if possible with exact dates.

What do you get?

A one-page written report about delivered in PDF. What would be written about the native depends on what the photos allow.

What is the Price?

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