Donating all of my astrological income to the treatment of a Fip warrior kitty, Bortu

Recently I’ve found and put under protection, a stray kitten which had trouble in walking, even moving properly, right before the stray dogs were about to chop him out.

After the lab tests were run and the veterinarian observation, Bortu was diagnosed suffering from Neurological Fip.

Fip can be treated. It has a very, very expensive treatment procedure. He needs to receive minimum 84 injections of GS44 treatment. The medicine cost is $100/6ml bottle. How many bottles to go depends on the cat’s weight, which is increasing at an incremental pace.

Bortu received 3 bottles of medicine from an Angel. He needs 20-25, maybe 30 more bottles to have a successful treatment.

We are doing all the best we can to receive donations every single day. Any amount without considering much or less (even one’s coffee, soda equivalent treat) serve as a drop of medicine for his recovery.

To sustain a successful treatment, I’m donating all of my astrological reading income to Bortu’s treatment.

Please click to find the types of readings I offer at my website; here.

You could hold from his paw either by buying an astrological reading from my services or simply by donating for him. Any action is lifelong valuable.

Please visit Bortu’s Diary at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more information.

He also has a PayPal donation page:

How would you like to participate in Bortu’s treatment?

Thank you


His blood test were done at 31st of August 2021.

The treatment started on tge 2nd of September 2021, as soon as the 1st bottle was provided by an Angel supporter.

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