The Pot Gave Birth

Nasreddin Hodja is a Sufi philosopher famous with his satirical anecdotes who lived around the 13th century.

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One day Nasreddin borrows a cooking pot from his neighbor and while returning he puts a smaller pot inside it.

When the neighbor asks what that means, he replies “The pot gave birth and delivered a baby.” The neighbor happily accepts both the pot and its baby.

A while later Nasreddin once again borrows the pot from his neighbor but this time he doesn’t return it back. The neighbor kindly asks him why he hasn’t returned the pot. Nasreddin with his sorry face tells him that the pot has passed away. Then the neighbor grumbles and says “Hodja, how can a pot die, it isn’t even alive. This is nonsense.”

Nasreddin replies, “Well, it made sense when the pot gave birth. Why are you angry when it is dead?”

 The gist of the story is, it is not recommended to lie with the aim of profiting with greed because one would suffer the consequences and eventually lose people’s trust.

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